Introducing the new Burrel app along with two new trail cameras E24 and N24.

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Natlink is excited to announce the launch of Burrels’ new, user-friendly app, Burrel, and two new trail cameras, the E24 and N24.

A new trail camera app

In response to user feedback, Burrel has completely rebuilt its app from the ground up, aiming to create an intuitive interface, seamless photo management, and enhanced features to improve the entire trail camera experience.

The new Burrel app features a user-friendly interface that simplifies setting up and managing your cameras. Remote control capabilities allow users to adjust settings from any location at any time.

The app is now compatible with any trail camera brand that supports email functionality, including older 2G cameras. Instant push notifications keep the user informed of camera activity and seamless integration with the Tracker app maps lets you pinpoint camera locations.

It is now possible to grant viewing access to friends and family and share captured moments directly to social media, email, or other third-party apps.

The full-featured Burrel app is free now. This fall, we will introduce a limited free version and a paid subscription offering more advanced features.

Updated product line with E24 and N24

Burrel is happy to launch two new cameras to the product line. These new cameras build upon the great legacy of Burrel cameras but come with additional features. For the N24, the goal was to offer users a high-quality entry-level 4G camera as an upgrade from the older SMS3 2G camera.

As for the E24, Burrel set out to create the ultimate hunting and nature-observing companion, and increased the megapixels, enhanced the camera’s speed compared to the old Burrel SMS Pro model, and provided users with the option of using a longer-lasting battery by including a 18650 li-ion battery adapter with the camera.

Now, users can extend the battery life using standard AA batteries or a single large 18650 battery. In addition to these updates, Burrel is introducing a new feature for all the new cameras. This feature allows the camera to operate without an SD card. They can cause numerous issues, so Burrel implemented this feature, enabling the camera to send photos without an SD card.

The integration of the trail cameras with the Burrel app provides a comprehensive package to track activity smoothly and efficiently. This combination ensures users have everything they need in one place, enhancing the overall outdoor experience. Customers can easily connect their cameras to WeHunt, to have all their shots and videos with their hunting ground.

– Our trail cameras and new app are special in the market due to their superior photo and video quality, quick setup, and remote-control capabilities. They cater to the needs of users who prefer to receive their shots and videos via email. Fueled by our dedication to enhancing outdoor experiences through technology, the E24 and N24 cameras, along with the Burrel app, were created to provide users with convenience and high performance,” says Roope Oja, Product Manager for Burrel.

Our new trail cameras will be available at our retailers and tracker website in June-July.

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