Natlink presents Trackers latest innovation in dog trackers – Luna, designed so your dog will love wearing it.

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Luna is something completely new on the market. Developed with the dog in mind, it features a new innovative design, is lightweight at 120 grams, has a built-in antenna, and has a low profile so the dog hardly notices it. Additionally, the new shape provides better signal strength by keeping it in place. With a shockproof, robust construction and new advanced technology, it meets all the demands you as a hunter have for a dog tracker. This is the dog tracker that both you and your dog will love for many years to come.

During the development of the new GPS collar, Tracker focused on the dog in a unique way, further enhancing fit, size, and weight to have minimal impact on the dog. During intensive activity, it is vital that tech products do not create distractions – they should just be there without the dog noticing it.

Luna therefore has a unique and innovative design with an improved fit that sits better on the dog. This ensures the unit doesn’t hinder the dog and improves GPS reception by avoiding incorrect positioning on the dog’s neck.

Luna is designed to be ergonomic for both small and large dogs. With its light weight of only 120 grams, low profile, and built-in antenna, the dog will hardly notice it.

“We know hunters care immensely about their dogs and are constantly looking for new ways to improve their well-being. That’s why we see that Luna, with its dog-friendly design, has an important place to fill in the market. Additionally, we know that you as a dog handler will appreciate it’s up to 100-hour battery life if needed, robust construction, and revolutionary technology for the best possible signal strength,” says Vesa Tornberg, CTO at Tracker.

Robust and durable construction to withstand the weather

The dog tracker’s 3 mm thick casing makes it shockproof and durable. It is made of Grilamid TR® 90, a special plastic material that is UV-protected and offers outstanding stress resistance, minimizing the risk of cracks or wear. This high bio-content renewable raw material, with excellent qualities, allows a proven contribution to reducing environmental impact.

The unit is waterproof and has been tested at a depth of 1 meter for 1 hour. Each unit also undergoes an air pressure test to guarantee it is weather-resistant. Additionally, the new design features a waterproof magnetic charging contact and switch, as well as transparent lights that further minimize weak points in the unit.

Luna is built to withstand all the different weather conditions and challenges you and your dog might encounter.

Advanced technology with better tracking and longer battery life

The tracking technology behind the unit is groundbreaking. Using 4G IoT network, which utilizes the same cell towers as regular 4G networks, the unit is virtually usable across all of Europe. By employing a multi-satellite system for positioning with AGPS, the unit can reliably and accurately determine the position using up to 40 satellites simultaneously.

All data on the dog’s activity and position is sent to a server using 4G technology every three seconds. The more energy-efficient 4G IoT technology increases battery life and provides more reliable performance.

Even under adverse network conditions, data transmission can continue to send positions. The server continuously sends real-time information about the dog’s activity to those following it. This information, including history, is available to users directly from their m

obile phones.

Works seamlessly with both the WeHunt and Tracker apps.

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