Natlink Announces Development of Next-Generation WeHunt Hunting Platform

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Natlink, a leading provider of hunting technology, is excited to announce the development of its next-generation WeHunt platform. The platform with its associated client and web applications is an evolution of today’s version of WeHunt and will seamlessly combine the best features and functionalities from Tracker and Burrel, offering the most comprehensive solution for all hunters.  

Natlink mission is to create a connected and unified experience that makes hunting and outdoor activities easier, safer, and more meaningful. Natlink has made significant investments in their products and services during the last years which the company now makes evident through recent product launches such as the new Tracker GPS, Luna, Burrel trail camera app, and two new Burrel trail camera models.

In addition to this, Natlink is now announcing the development of its next-generation WeHunt platform.The new platform will leverage cutting-edge advancements in technology, infrastructure and architecture, drawing on the over 50 years of experience and know-how present at Natlink accumulated from mergers and acquisitions done over the years. Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts will benefit from improved collaboration, planning, communication, management tools, and enhanced safety and positioning features – all integrated in one seamless experience.


Key integrations

- By fully harnessing Tracker’s acclaimed map features and dog-handling technologies in the new platform, WeHunt will offer unparalleled tracking capabilities together with state-of-the-art maps. Natlink integrates the best core technologies, features, and functionalities to make tracking of the hunter himself, other hunters and dogs accurate, reliable and easy.

-The platform will integrate the best features and functionalities from Burrel’s new app, empowering gamekeepers, wildlife enthusiasts, and hunt leaders with essential tools for effective wildlife observation and management.

“We are bringing together the best of three worlds,” said Carl von Eckermann, CEO of Natlink. “This platform will be built with all types of users in mind, from stand shooters, stalk hunters, and hunt leaders to dog handlers, gamekeepers, commercial hunters, landowners, and outdoor enthusiasts.”

Early Access for Loyal Subscribers

As development soon moves into the next phase, Natlink will invite users with an active WeHunt, Tracker, or Burrel subscription to participate in an exclusive and unique beta testing program. The program will start during the 2024 hunting season and last until the new WeHunt platform becomes general and commercially available in 2025. This collaborative approach will allow users to provide valuable feedback and help shape the future of Natlink’s hunting platform WeHunt. More information about the beta testing program will be provided in August/September.


Business as usual with no impact to 2024 hunting season for WeHunt and Tracker users

While the next-generation WeHunt platform is being developed, the current version of WeHunt and Tracker application will continue to run as usual to safeguard smooth operations for WeHunt and Tracker users during the 2024 hunting season.

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