Natlink and ANJC, partnering to improve French hunting safety, planning, execution and follow up through digitalization.  

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Natlink, one of Europe’s largest hunting tech companies, is excited to announce apartnership with the Association Nationale des Jeunes et Nouveaux Chasseurs de France (ANJC). This collaboration represents a first milestone in complementing traditional French hunting practices with technology to improve the hunting experience and safety. 

The ANJC represents young and new hunters in France aiming to foster camaraderie and raise awareness about how to use technology to hunt smarter and in more meaningful ways. Natlink has partnered with ANJC to enhance the hunting experience for their members, and their associated communities, using technology. This collaboration builds on the interest of young hunters embracing new technologies to both improve and evolve traditional hunting practices in France.  

 “Partnering with ANJC aligns well with Natlink’s vision of uniting hunting communities by creating a connected and unified experience that makes hunting meaningful, easy, and secure, while at the same time fostering a sustainable hunting ecosystem.”
Carl von Eckermann, CEO of Natlink  

For ANJC members, this partnership opens a world of advanced hunting technologies. Through the Wehunt platform, young hunters can manage their hunting grounds and plan their hunts, and then oversee and track the movements of all parties involved in real time. The platform also enables quick and easy group communication via chat and allows hunters to report downed and observed animals with just a few clicks. Moreover, ANJC members can connect dog tracking collars to the WeHunt platform, either Natlink’s’ own GPS devices or third-party GPS devices such as Garmin, enhancing safety for dog handlers. 

“The ANJC is delighted to be working with Natlink. With the Wehunt and Tracker products, young hunters can now bring real technological support to their hunts. It’s an opportunity for them to improve organization and monitor their hunting day. Our four-legged companions are also part of the equation, with the possibility of integrating Tracker GPS into the WeHunt application. A partnership that makes sense and will enable young hunters to understand and monitor their territory better.” 
Alexandre Mercier, president of ANJC


By combining our proven hunting platform Wehunt, Tracker GPS devices for hunting dogs and Burrel Trail Cameras for game observation with ANJC’s commitment to nurturing a new generation of responsible hunters, we’re confident that this collaboration will improve the hunting experience, making it more accessible, meaningful, and safer than ever.

Imane Bakhi, Sales Manager at Natlink

About ANJC 

The ANJC comprises 20 administrators from various regions of France, each with distinct hunting practices. It currently represents 51 departmental associations at the national level, encompassing almost 3,000 young members. In addition to its representational function, the ANJC also provides support to the ADJCs and fosters communication and collaboration among them. Furthermore, the ANJC offers assistance to new or reestablished associations. Educational activities are also part of the ANJC’s focus, facilitated through partnerships with organizations such as the forest-game balance, the CNB, and the ANCGG. Additionally, the ANJC is involved in educational initiatives within the Normandy school district.  

*ADJC: Association départementale des jeunes chasseurs 

About Natlink 

Natlink, one of the largest hunting tech companies in Europe with more than 750,000 registered users stands at the forefront of the hunting technology industry. Bringing together the renowned brands WeHunt, Tracker, and Burrel Trail Cameras, Natlink combines innovation with a commitment to serving hunting and outdoor enthusiasts. With a focus on enhancing the hunting experience through advanced technology, Natlink is leading the way in delivering high-quality products. 

About WeHunt 

Established in 2012 in Sweden, WeHunt app is the most downloaded Iphone and Android app for hunters in the Nordics. Wehunt offers a comprehensive digital platform for easier administration, management and increased security before, during and after hunting. For example with WeHunt, users can easily create designated hunting areas, mark towers and stands, and get real-time positioning of hunters and dogs. The integrated platform allows users to connect both trail cameras and dog GPS trackers to monitor everything in one place. 

About Tracker 

Established in 1977 in Finland, Tracker is a trusted brand that specializes in dog GPS collars. The brand is known for its reliability and innovative products, specifically designed to enhance hunting safety and effectiveness. With decades of experience and a steadfast commitment to quality, Tracker remains a trusted leader in the dog GPS market. 

About Burrel 

A leading brand in trail cameras, renowned for its technology and durability. Burrel offers both exceptional trail cameras and a user-friendly app that provides a seamless experience, where customers can manage all their photos and videos directly from their mobile phone, control  camera settings remotely, and easily share content with friends and family. 

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