Open Air Group launches Natlink – the largest hunting tech company in the Nordics

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Open Air Group incorporates its technology business area – hunting tech specialists WeHunt, Tracker and Burrel join forces under new Natlink brand.


Open Air Group incorporates its technology business area and launches Natlink – a new company joining hunting tech specialists WeHunt, Tracker and Burrel into one. With this step, Natlink becomes the largest hunting tech company in the Nordics with its reach from more than 740.000 combined registered users and over €20M in combined revenue. In addition, Natlink lays the foundation for an enhanced customer experience for the Nordic and greater European hunting community.


Previously part of the Open Air Group Technology business area; GPS hunting dog tracking specialist Tracker, hunting platform WeHunt and trail camera expert Burrel now join forces under the new company name Natlink. The launch of Natlink creates one of the largest hunting tech companies in Europe with 747.000 combined registered users, a Nordic user growth of 18% and 23% for all markets in 2023.


– We have strategically built our hunting technology competence during the last couple of years, with each company in our group being a leader within its respective field. We now see great value in creating one concentrated setting for these companies and this competence, enabling even more focus on innovation and creating great solutions for the hunting community. This combination is primed to further enhance the hunting and outdoor experiences for all users, says Camilo Sjödin, CEO, Open Air Group.


With Natlink, Open Air Group aims to build a platform to better provide the European hunting community with cutting-edge technology for all connected hunting and outdoor adventures. Over time, Tracker’s GPS software and devices, Burrel trail cameras will be fully integrated into the WeHunt platform.


– Natlink’s vision is to connect entire hunting and outdoor communities and of course, our dedication extends beyond technology. It is really all about deepening the connection with nature and uniting hunting and outdoor communities. We want our products and services to be indispensable allies, elevating your outdoor experience in general and your hunting experience specifically, to not just be easy, memorable, and secure, but truly extraordinary, says Carl von Eckermann, CEO, Natlink.


In the new Natlink setting, research and development will leverage the combined resources and expertise from the previous three organizations, enabling an increased focus on driving innovation, and support the streamlined product and service delivery to the hunting community. With the merger, there will be no change for users in terms of availability or functionality. Joined under the Natlink umbrella, Tracker, WeHunt, and Burrell will continue to be the brand names for the respective product categories, ensuring a seamless experience for Natlink customers.


Natlink facts:

  • New holding company for Tracker Oy, WeHunt Nordic AB and Burrel Trail Cameras.
  • Combined sales of more than EUR 20M
  • 747.000 registered users
  • 18 % combined user growth Nordics 2023
  • 23 % combined user growth Nordics and Europe 2023


About Open Air Group

Open Air Group is a company group with operations in Sweden, Norway and Finland. It consists of the brands Chevalier, Alaska 1795, Valio, Garphyttan and Aclima, hunting tech company Natlink and the e-retailers,, and The goal is to become the Nordic market leader in the development and sale of products for hunting, dogs and outdoor life.


About Natlink:

Established in 2024 as a division of Open Air Group’s technology sector, Natlink stands at the forefront of the hunting technology industry. Bringing together the renowned brands WeHunt Nordic, Tracker, and Burrel Trail Cameras, Natlink combines innovation with a commitment to serving hunting and outdoor enthusiasts. With a focus on enhancing the hunting experience through advanced technology, Natlink is leading the way in delivering high-quality products.



WeHunt app is the most downloaded Iphone and Android app for hunters in the Nordics. Wehunt offers a comprehensive digital platform for easier administration, management and increased security before, during and after hunting.



Tracker was founded in 1977 in Finland and offers specialized GPS dog trackers and communications systems for hunters and outdoorsmen.



Burrel is known for their high-quality trail cameras and manufactures traditional, as well as modern and advanced trail cameras.


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