Our History and Legacy

In the heart of the Nordic region, Natlink stands as an undeniable powerhouse—a dynamic digital ecosystem, a culmination of market leaders converging into one united force. With a legacy deeply rooted in the earliest days of outdoor enthusiasts and hunters, we proudly embody the essence of connecting with nature.

Our journey began in 1977 when Tracker OY emerged as a pioneer in the Finnish wilderness, specializing in GPS receivers for hunting dogs. Acquiring B-bark and Ultracom OY in 2020 and 2018 strengthened Tracker’s technological prowess, leading to the reliable real-time positioning system we offer today.

Meanwhile, in Sweden, WeHunt Nordic AB, founded in 2012, reshaped hunting experiences through a digital platform. The WeHunt platform extends beyond the hunt, offering year-round services that connect various devices and provide hunters with a comprehensive platform for all their needs.

Burrel Trail Cameras, market leaders in Finland, pioneers innovative surveillance solutions, renowned for ease and efficiency, making it the go-to choice for monitoring wildlife or securing your summer cottage.